From crunching data for customized analytics insights to designing and improving processes through exciting tech partnerships, our ETS Data Geeks are always on the lookout for opportunities to provide added value to our partners.

Here’s what we were up to in 2019…

4,578 Interviews

Our industry-specialized recruiting teams dig deep to find both passive and active talent. Through our progressive approach to embracing new technology we are able to better engage with our candidates to determine what’s most important to them. But our recruiters and a personal touch make all the difference in creating an environment where people feel they are being listened to.

233 Companies

You don’t need 1,000 resumes, you need the best and brightest talent. We always put people first and align our processes, technology and relationships to meet our clients needs. Partnering with ETS enables our clients to reduce turnover, improve new hire performance, increase speed of hire, test drive employees, attract hard-to-reach passive candidates, and eliminate payroll/hr headaches. Not to mention, clients gain access to our customized workforce data and insights, empowering them to create thriving hiring and retention strategies.

2,836 Placements

Our vision? We build world-class teams. This vision comes to life each day as our dedicated recruiters in the Industrial, Professional, and Office/Admin divisions dive into the deepest talent pool in the Champlain Valley. Through strategic, streamlined processes, we get to know our candidates – from their unique skills and backgrounds to their personality traits and ideal culture fit. A career hub, whose creative solutions are setting a new standard in staffing.

The 2019 Landscape

In 2019, employers will continue to shift the way they’re hiring, thanks to continually decreasing unemployment, a desire to retain top talent, and increased costs associated with training.

With more jobs than workers, job seekers have gained the power to make highly selective decisions with their careers moving into the coming year. So, what does this mean for employers who expect to ramp up hiring in 2019? As the labor market grows tighter, candidates become more confident in their skills and capabilities; this means the ETS team is more committed than ever to providing a top-of-the-line candidate experience that ends in not just a match, but the right match.

The age of digital disruption is here, and companies are already placing candidate “potential” at the forefront when making hiring decisions. Flexible work schedules and sophisticated tech strategies will lead the way as employers continue to look for innovative ways to retain their top talent.

Expectations are high for 2019, among both businesses and consumers. In this current employment climate, companies that have spent the last year focusing on attraction and retention will see the most success.

Looking for resources as you navigate this historic landscape? With nearly 40 years of comprehensive data, ETS provides the insight needed to build effective hiring and retention strategies. Want to know something specific about the area employment market or how your company can leverage our localized data and insights? Chat us by clicking the purple icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.