As a new generation begins to graduate high school and college and starts to look for their first jobs, many employers are anticipating what changes these young adults will bring. Generation Z is made up of anyone born after 1997. Despite being right behind millennials, this generation has completely different expectations and qualities than the previous generation. Raised on the internet, Generation Z is tech savvy, which has also made them very aware of the problems in today’s world. Here’s what changes to expect as Generation Z enters the workplace.

A Competitive Work Environment
Unlike Millennials, who value teamwork and collaboration, Generation Z is extremely competitive. They are not afraid to rise to challenges in order to prove their worth. While some competition is healthy and fun, it is important that it does not get out of hand and create a toxic work environment. Generation Z understands how competitive jobs can be and like to work towards goals, try to find a way to use that quality to your advantage.

Independent Entrepreneurs
It’s not that surprising that a generation who is so competitive is also remarkably independent. Generation Z would much rather work alone and have their own space, compared to Millennials. Many members of the younger generation have their own solo side hustles, and dream of owning their own business one day. They try to turn their hobbies into jobs, whether it’s reselling clothes on an app, selling art, blogging, or making videos and posting them on Youtube. It’s not surprising that Generation Z aspires to find their own success when you consider how young the creators of social platforms like Snapchat (21) where when they first started out. Generation Z is empowered and believe they can be successful on their own. 

Quick to Negotiate
Generation Z understands the value of money much better than Millennials. They grew up during the recession in 2008 and many of them had jobs during high school. Most of them are in debt after four years in college, and believe that they deserve benefits from their employer. Employers willing to help with student loan debt and other benefits are much more likely to get a generation Z candidate to take the job. Quick to speak up, Generation Z is much more likely to negotiate benefits than the previous generation.

The Technological Generation
Generation Z grew up constantly surrounded by technology. Many of them had smartphones at a much younger age than Millennials, and their lives revolve around technology and social media. The younger generation is much more likely to like your company’s culture if the environment is technologically advanced. It could be simple changes, like not using paper. Employers should look for ways to use technology that will also increase efficiency and productivity. However, they also said that they value face-to-face conversation. You can help show that you value them by regularly checking in on them in person.

Realistic and Ready to Cause Change
While Millennials are the optimistic generation, Generation Z is much more realistic and self-aware. With direct access to the internet at their fingertips, they have been able to see what kind of issues are going on around the world. They grew up in a time of advancements in equality. As a result, Generation Z cares more about diversity and inclusion than past generations. They are much less likely to accept a job from a company that does not value diversity, and want to work in an inspiring environment. This younger generation wants to change the world; They are very aware of global warming and social issues in the news today and believe that they can be the generation to change the world.

With a new generation entering the workplace, you can expect a lot of changes as an employer. However, there is no reason to worry. Although Generation Z is extremely unique and different from their Millennial counterparts, they’re extremely driven, innovative, and independent. They want to be able to bring change to their workplace to create a more diverse and welcoming environment.