Diversity matters. With a diverse workforce, your team will bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table. A team will create its best work when its members are compatible and compliment one another. 

Team diversity is crucial in 2021. And there are easy ways to boost your efforts! Here are some of our tips to build a more diverse team for overall business success: 

Think about the bigger picture

Race, nationality, age and gender are all crucial factors in any workforce when it comes to diversity. When you think about the bigger picture of a diverse team, you’ll also want to consider adding individuals with cognitive differences, vast backgrounds and interesting personality types.

In order to create a harmonious, functional group you’ll need leaders, deliberate planners, fact-finders, and perceptive thinkers. These are just a few personality types to look for, but think about your team as a whole – who are the introverts and extroverts? You’ll want both types of people for your team to truly succeed. 

Celebrate employee differences

Create an open conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Your team is different, so celebrate that! 

If you create a team that praises diversity you’ll encourage a forward-thinking culture that celebrates backgrounds and traditions. 

Address all aspects

Look at all of the different aspects of diversity – race, nationality, age, gender, personalities, work types, skills, experience – the list goes on! You’ll need to address all of these in order to boost team diversity.

Evaluate these aspects, and think about them as you add new members to your team. You’ll want new team members to mesh well with your existing ones. Make sure people working together everyday will be compatible and succeed in collaboration. 

Evaluate your efforts

Take the time to see what worked and what didn’t. Ask for feedback from your team to understand their perspectives. Work together to discover your strengths, weaknesses and how you can improve going forward. 

Rethink your recruiting strategy 

Your recruiting process is a crucial step in boosting team diversity, so make sure you have this locked down. 

If you’re looking to reinvent your recruiting strategy – work with us at ETS! We can do a deep dive into your current team and your needs as a business to develop a customized workforce solution for you. We will make sure to find you candidates that will diversify your team as a whole. Live chat with us today to be one step closer in building a more diverse team.

Boosting team diversity will increase the overall functionality and efficiency of your business. Not only that, but it will create a safe space for your employees and customers – where everyone feels comfortable in their own shoes.