It’s become fairly common to see a company mission statement with the words “we put our team first.” But, how can a job seeker know this statement is true? The proof is in the pudding. And in this case – actions speak stronger than words. 

A strong leader fosters a positive work environment by putting their team first. With strong leadership comes increased productivity and honest communication from your team – allowing you to be that much closer to achieving your goals as a business. 

If you’re looking for a way to prove that you put your team first, observe the actions of your leadership team. And, to ensure you’re on the right track – take a moment to ask yourself these important questions: 

Do I actively listen?

Listening is a fundamental skill that will go a long way in the workplace. As a leader, your ability to listen will show your employees that you care about what they have to say and acknowledge their perspective. This creates an environment with open communication and collaboration. 

Do I regularly recognize and appreciate their efforts?

Being vocal about accomplishments is a key way to show your employees that you’re putting them first. Whether it’s completing a quick task or a two-week project, make sure they know that you appreciate their efforts. A quick thank you will go farther than you think.

Am I providing a space for creativity and new ideas?

Creating a space that welcomes new ideas is a key way to prioritize your team’s opinions and point of view. Your work environment should be positive and open enough that your team feels empowered with new opportunities to be creative.   

Are my goals clear and achievable?
Have you outlined clear goals for your team that are actually achievable? Company goals and individual goals should be outlined in a concise way that is easy to understand. Clarity is key when it comes to setting team expectations. This will empower your team to take ownership of their own responsibilities.

Are there opportunities for growth and development?

Job seekers and current employees are often looking to grow and evolve in the workplace. With this comes opportunities for employee development. Is this something you are providing to your current employees? If not, think about the ways you can provide growth opportunities to future team members. 

Do I lead by example?

Your actions as a leader should set the tone for others in the workplace. Be mindful of who you are as a leader. Be open to admitting your mistakes and improving from them. An honest leader is a trustworthy one. This will create a positive example for those you work with. 

By asking yourself these questions and reflecting on your current approach, you can identify areas to improve and prioritize your team going forward. Remember that a strong and cohesive team is the backbone to any successful organization and when you invest in them, you invest in the future of your business. 

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