As recent grads hit the job market, it’s up to you as an employer to grab their attention. With graduation quickly approaching and hundreds of students entering the workforce, now is the time to tap into the next generation of talent. 

While recent grads may not be full-fledged professionals with years of experience, they can bring a fresh perspective to your company – giving you the opportunity to diversify your workforce and become a more tech-savvy business. 

Here’s our guide to hiring recent graduates in 2022:

Emphasize Stability

After years of school, most grads are looking for stability in the workplace. Discuss your benefits package and your long-term growth strategies for potential employees. Paint a clear picture of their potential trajectory at your company. 

Job security and financial stability are two of the most important factors that graduates are looking for in 2022. 

Highlight Learning Opportunities

Be prepared to provide training and highlight learning opportunities when you are hiring recent graduates. Be vocal about the skills, platforms, and techniques that are crucial for them to succeed on the job, and how you’re going to help them develop these assets. 

Provide training initiatives and development programs for employees. Recent grads want to know that they are going to learn and grow as they venture into the workforce for the first time. 

Be Fair & Realistic

Don’t be too strict with experience and training requirements. Most grads are just starting out in their career journey, and are likely looking for a chance to gain some relevant work history on their resume. Be fair and realistic with your expectations. 

Keep an open mind and trust that they will have the passion and drive to succeed. 

Market Your Company

You’ll want to market your company brand as a whole vs. one specific role. Recent grads care about your culture, mission and values. They want to make sure that they’re going to find a company that aligns with their goals and beliefs. 

Know Where to Look

If you want to hire recent grads, you need to make sure you’re looking in the right places. Use the appropriate channels and communication techniques to gain their attention. Candidates just starting out in their career may not be on the same platforms as candidates with 10-15+ years under their belt.

If you’re unsure where to look, partner with a staffing agency. At ETS, we’ll give you immediate access to the deepest pool of candidates. Sometimes it can be difficult for companies to navigate the talent pipeline. Take back your time and leave the hiring up to us! 

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