You’ve heard the news for months: “There is a war on for talent” and in fact, 40% of employers say they struggled to find talented candidates to fill jobs in 2016. But why is that?
As we embark on another New Year, ETS is giving you insight into the employment climate of 2017 with our 3 part blog series The Impact: 2017 Employment Trends.
Throughout the series ETS Business Intelligence Analyst, Billy Davis, will provide a look at recent staffing industry research, give you valuable market data, and actionable solutions to upcoming challenges. The 3 week series will start Weds. 1/4/2017 and will feature the following topics:
Labor Statistics and Data
Part 1 of the series will focus on key data points (Unemployment Rate, Labor Participation Rate and GDP Forecast) and how each impact employment and hiring in our region.
ETS Trend Analysis
Part 2 of the series will analyze the employment trends and discuss what they mean for retention, turnover, and attracting talent.
5 to Thrive
Part 3 of the series concludes with five actionable items to help combat the employment challenges for 2017 and keep your company on a path to growth and success.
Want to know more? ETS can give you a personal in-depth analyses of current hiring trends for the Champlain Valley. To set up a meeting, give us a call at 518.562.4673.
Continue to Part 1 – Labor Statistics and Data. 
About Billy Davis:
Billy joined the ETS team in March 2014 as an industrial recruiter. His drive for process improvement combined with a diverse skillset led to his new position in September 2016. Billy oversees data collection, provides customized insights through analytics, and leverages new technologies all to help ETS clients find the best talent, fast.