When the work day ends, how satisfied are you with what you have accomplished? Odds are you normally hit the end of the day with a list of unfinished projects and wondering where the time has gone. Being more productive at work requires being more deliberate about how you manage your time. Most productivity challenges stem from bad habits we have formed, and taking a reactive approach to unexpected projects.

The good news is, productivity can continuously be improved upon. If you don’t like the way you usually feel at the end of the work day, check out our tips to break the cycle and increase your productivity for good.

  1. Say No To Multitasking
    Would you rather accomplish 3 things with mediocre results or 1 thing with excellent results? Multitasking is a productivity killer. Increasing productivity demands focus. Start by narrowing your options to have a shorter, more realistic to-do list, and focusing on one of those tasks at a time.
  2. Be Ready For Prime Time
    Whether you know it or not, you have a certain time of day in which you are most alert and more productive. Find out when your prime time is and optimize your schedule to compliment that.
  3. Minimize Interruptions & Distractions
    You can’t be expected to resist that text, Facebook, email or voicemail notification – I mean come on, they make it SO prominent. But in an effort to be proactive instead of reactive throughout your day, try turning off your devices, signing out of websites and building in time to check these messages. This will allow you to keep your focus and give the task at hand your full attention. As an added note, don’t be afraid to set office hours or keep your door closed.
  4. Break Me Off A Piece Of That
    It’s important to remember that productivity is not measured by how many hours you sit at a desk. It’s measured by how much quality work you get done…without sacrificing your health *that’s key here. It may look like we’re sending you mixed messages, but taking time to recharge can actually help you get more done. Get some fresh air or engage in water cooler banter to unplug.
  5. The All Important List
    Being prepared is the key to increase your productivity, and a to-do list is the most important piece of the puzzle. Create your prioritized to-do list at the end of the day, so you can start the next morning ready to rock and roll. Get organized, focused and rewarded with all the happy feels when you cross something off your list.

Increasing productivity is more perplexed that just thinking you could accomplish more if there were only more hours in a day. Implement these tips to help turn everyday into a productive workday.