You are starting a new assignment with ETS. Let’s make sure you are ready to get to work and most importantly, get your first paycheck!

First things first, let’s talk about payday!

Your payday is always on the Thursday following the week that you started work. That means direct deposit funds will be available on Thursday.

How do I get paid?

The following steps must be completed ASAP. The sooner you complete this step, the sooner you can get your first paycheck. *If you have already completed steps 1-3 you are done onboarding. 


There are a few things we need from you. Click here to login and get started.

Username: your email address
*Forgot your password? Just click “Forgot Password” 


After you log in, look for the “Complete Onboarding” option.

Complete all pages until you see:
“Thank you for signing”!


The final step is to send in a photo of your identification to
Click here for a list of forms of identification that we can accept.