As companies throughout Vermont and New York begin to think about re-opening, it’s important to prepare sooner rather than later.

ETS is monitoring the evolving guidelines and has created a Return to Work Post-Coronavirus Checklist to help with support, and planning during this difficult time.

Download the Return to Work Post-Coronavirus Checklist.

It’s never too early to prepare (or at least to start thinking about what you’ll do when the pandemic passes). Follow this checklist and use it to guide your efforts as you gear up for the reopening of your business.

We have already heard from many employers about their workforce concerns when they ramp back up. Rest assured, the ETS team is well prepared to provide support for your growing and fluctuating workforce needs during this time.

Please contact the ETS team with any questions or concerns via live chat (bottom right corner) or Request Talent Now. As always, we at ETS want to make your job easier and are happy to provide any help we can during this challenging time.