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Animals on Assignment

Loyalty. Performance. Excellence.


At ETS, we’re dedicated to fulfilling our vision of a Champlain Valley with unlimited opportunity, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest division:

Animals on Assignment.

With the current unemployment rate and projected acceleration in economic growth, we saw a huge opportunity to utilize this untapped and overlooked labor market. Smart, loyal, creative, enthusiastic, and potty trained – with the advice and guidance of our recruiters, our Animals on Assignment are ready to trade in their 14 hour days of laying down and sleeping to be your next superstar!

Meet our Animals on Assignment!
Fluffy, scaly, and even prickly, ETS has the top animal talent you need to achieve your goals!


You might have to keep him on a short leash, but Hampton has never had a customer complaint.

Skills: Great listener, always has a smile for the customer, quick learner


Meet Abu, a deep thinker who has all the answers to the tough questions.

Skills: Methodical approach to problems. Takes time to really think through any issue. Serious.


You will never have to dangle a carrot in front of this hard worker.  She’s always willing to hop to it and get to work.

Skills: Excellent communicator – all ears


Dutchess is a Sales shark always hunting for her next opportunity

Skills: Never takes her eye off the prize, stealthy but effective


Monarch is always hungry to learn new things. When it comes to the tough problems, she really takes the cake.

Skills: Not afraid to try new things, customers find her “silky smooth”


Lucky is a Jack of all trades. Mostly, he enjoys having high quality and positive interactions with others

Now that you’ve been introduced to these adorable animals, it’s time to tell you the bad news – it’s April 1st, which means ETS just played a cruel April Fools joke on you, and we aren’t launching an Animals on Assignment Division after all. BUT there is also GOOD news! If you thought any of these amazing animals would be a perfect fit for your family, they are all currently available for adoption at Elmore SPCA. To learn more about these animals and adoption, or other ways you can help, contact the Elmore SPCA by phone at 518-643-2451 or visit their website.

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