Why Choose ETS?

This photo was taken from Debbie's boat.

Everyone at ETS believes each job seeker has value in the market place and our goal is to help you reach your potential. We firmly believe there is a role for everyone in the world of work. As a local company, our clients are our neighbors and our seasoned staff makes it a priority to know the local job providers here in the North Country. ETS has grown right along with the job market and we alone know the unique opportunities and challenges of working in this corner of NY State. We have the technology and resources to determine your skill level and work goals. Here’s what you get with ETS staffing professionals:

1. Face to Face attention.

A successful job search begins with a thorough understanding of your background, skills and goals. A member of the ETS staff will invest considerable time in getting to know you–and as a result, can match you with an opportunity that’s a terrific fit for you.

2. The right connections.

ETS IS the North Country and we work with all the most desirable job providers in the region. We are able to offer you greater access to career opportunities. Once your staffing consultant understands what you’re looking for, he or she will then tap into this network of employers to find a rewarding position.

3. Insight, support, and follow up.

After identifying potential opportunities for you, ETS will share details of the position with you before presenting your qualifications to our client organization. If a job is not immediately available, we encourage you to reach out to your ETS recruiter or check our website to learn about our most current offerings.