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“I’ve worked with ETS since 2004 and our business relationship has grown every year. After each holiday season we always hire a few of the excellent staff provided by ETS. We are proud to say that many of our best employees have come from ETS.”

– David Phelps from IFC

“ETS has been on our team since we opened our doors. Whether we need assistance with temporary or permanent staffing, we can count on ETS”

– Tracy Fasking from Nova Bus

At ETS we understand that filling a position is much more than just matching a job description – it’s about finding the right person who will not only match the description, but will also match the team, the work environment and the company culture. From top-level senior management to administrative temporary staff, we have experience delivering the best possible talent to our clients with the highest success.

We also understand that there are many ways to fill those positions, which is why we offer several solutions.

Temporary Staffing: Help when you need it and only when you need it

If your business has extreme production deadlines, high-volume seasonal demands, or emergency or supplemental staffing needs, then temporary staffing can be the economical, time-saving solution you need.

Temporary staffing is a cost effective alternative to hiring and managing short-term employees. ETS has a large pool of skilled workers ready to step in when you need some extra help. ETS pays all employer burdens, including taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and daily wages. As part of our staffing service, we also handle W-2 forms, prevailing wage reports, wage garnishments. When requested, we also provide reference checks, background screening, drug testing, and safety training at cost.

Temporary–to-Hire Staffing: An extended Interview

Many of our clients are looking for permanent employees but want a “test drive” before making that final commitment. ETS is happy to help and we like to think of it as an “extended interview.” We provide the same services that we do for temporary help and after the employee has worked for 480 hours, your are free to take them on as a full time, permanent employee with no fee.

Permanent Placement – A look at the entire labor pool

When you want to pull out all of the stops in your search for the best candidate, turn to our Permanent Placement Staffing service. Our Permanent Placement Team, lead by David Coryer, will employ every method possible to identify those individuals who best fit the position, your corporate culture, and your budget. Web searches, Online Job Postings, and good old fashioned outbound phone calls to their extensive network will quickly and efficiently provide you with a pool of candidates to interview. After a brief meeting with David and the team, you can rest assured that your quest for top-notch talent is close at hand.

Why Choose ETS?

Everyone at ETS believes each job seeker has value in the market place and our goal is to help you determine your potential. There is a role for everyone in the world of work. Because we are a local company, our clients are our neighbors. ETS’ seasoned staff makes it a priority to know the local job providers here in the North Country. ETS has grown right along with the job market and we alone know the unique opportunities and challenges of working in this corner of NY State. We have the technology and resources to determine your skill level and work goals. Here’s what you get with ETS staffing professionals:

1. Face to Face attention.

A successful job search begins with a thorough understanding of your background, skills and goals. A member of the ETS staff will invest considerable time in getting to know you–and as a result, can match you with an opportunity that’s a terrific fit for you.

2. The right connections.

ETS IS the North Country and we work with all the most desirable job providers in the region. We are able to offer you greater access to career opportunities. Once your staffing consultant understands what you’re looking for, he or she will then tap into this network of employers to find a rewarding position.

3. Insight, support, and follow up.

After identifying potential opportunities for you, ETS will share details of the position with you before presenting your qualifications to our client organization. If a job is not immediately available, we encourage you to reach out to your ETS recruiter or check our website to learn about our most current offerings.

Meet the Staff

Hope Croyer

Hope Croyer

Hope Coryer – President/CEO, Fearless Leader

Hope started ETS in 1982 when she moved to Plattsburgh and needed a job. She started her job search by looking for a local staffing agency, but quickly learned that there wasn’t one. ETS was born in the basement of her home and has been growing ever since. Hope boldly went where no woman had gone before in this region and pushed her way into the “old-boy’s” network – even becoming one of the first women Rotarians. These days she sits on many boards and has become a strong advocate for local business growth. As a result of her perseverance and hard work, ETS is now known as the premiere staffing agency in the region and is a well respected member of the business community. In her precious free time Hope loves to cook, garden, read, and spend time with her family.

Debbie Cleary

Debbie Cleary

Debbie Cleary – Director of Operations

Debbie has been a part of the ETS team since 2001 when she moved back to the Plattsburgh area to join the family business after a stint in Seattle, Washington. Debbie takes care of the finances, computers, and everything “back-office”. Although Debbie was schooled in electrical engineering, since joining ETS, she has discovered a love for balance sheets and income statements. Known as the office tightwad, she has taught the ETS team the value of a buck, or at least the value of a paperclip. In addition to the office recycling program, Debbie loves hiking, road biking, rock climbing, and all activities that get her outside.

David Croyer

David Croyer

David Coryer – Director of Sales and Recruiting

David joined the family business in 2004 after working in the staffing industry in both Denver and Chicago. As Director of Sales and Recruiting, David splits his time between growing client base, managing sales team, and performing key permanent placement searches. He has been instrumental in spreading the ETS message of Face-to-Face Solutions to both established clients and new businesses. David winds down from his busy days by focusing on his growing family.

Phyllis Clookey

Phyllis Clookey

Phyllis Clookey – Payroll Supervisor

Phyllis Joined the ETS team in 2002 as an administrative assistant. Her attention to detail and loyalty to ETS catapulted her to the top of the payroll department. She is an indispensible ETS team member. Phyllis is a payroll authority, workers comp guru, disability master, and unemployment expert. When she’s not studying New York state unemployment laws she can be found outside running, hiking, or cheering her daughters on in one of their many sports activities.

Del Rock

Del Rock

Del Rock – Temporary Services Supervisor

Del has been with the ETS team since 1988 and besides Hope, she has been with the company longer than any other employee. Del has seen and done it all in the staffing industry and she could probably write a book about it. Del and Hope have been through a lot together and she remains a loyal member of the ETS family through thick and thin. You could say she is the ROCK we have all come to rely on. It is widely though that by the time Del retires every man, woman, and child in upstate New York will owe their job to her. After a hard day of placing candidates, Del enjoys gardening, bird watching, bowling, and spending time with her family.

Cynthia Lathrem

Cynthia Lathrem

Cynthia Lathrem – Recruiter

For more than a decade, Cyndie has been a key member of the ETS Team. After a stint in bookkeeping, she found her true niche on the recruiting side of the business. Being a social person, Cyndie always has the lowdown on the who’s who in Plattsburgh. She seems to know everyone and loves to het the scoop in the business world as to who’s hiring, who’s firing, and who might be a good candidate for ETS. Cyndie enjoys traveling, as evidences by her negative balance in her vacation bank, year after year. She also enjoys staying fit on her bike and by running.

Malaysia McCloud

Malaysia McCloud

Malaysia McCloud – Recruiter

Malaysia joined ETS by way of a most unique set of circumstances. While reuniting with her father brought her to Plattsburgh, a family friend called ETS vowing to help her find employment. Hailing from Spain with a British accent, David heard that voice and knew he had found his next employee. After just a short time on board, Malaysia’s talents have helped her earn her spot on the team; she’s hard working, charming, and has loads of common sense. Malaysia enjoys spending her free time with her young son exploring what the North Country has to offer.

Valerie Cioffi

Valerie Cioffi

Valerie Cioffi – Healthcare Recruiter

Valerie Cioffi is the Healthcare Recruiter and is excited to lead this new division. Valerie currently holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management and Economics and is now pursuing her MBA. Utilizing her experience in healthcare field, Valerie looks forward to identifying those individuals who best fit the hiring opportunities at healthcare institutions throughout the North Country. Outside of the office, Valerie enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book.

Claire Goineau

Claire Goineau

Claire Goineau – Administrative Assistant

Claire has been with ETS since the 1990s. She was first a temp for Empire State Development and after that she was temped at PARC as their first employee. After various other temporary positions she started at ETS as an “in-house” employee. Among many other things, Claire takes the minutes at our weekly staff meetings and she tries her best to keep us on task. In fact she uses her keen knowledge of the cryptic language of short hand to take minutes at meetings all over the North Country. Claire is a member of the Plattsburgh “Inner Circle” and always has the inside scoop, not that she’ll share that information until she’s sure its public knowledge. We at ETS know she’s full of secrets and inside information but know its futile to try and get her to spill the beans! She has given so much good advice over the years, ETS would not be the company it is today without her. In her free time, Claire loves to travel, visit with her children, and grandchildren. Every once in a while you can find her at Anthony’s enjoying a lovely dinner or cocktail with some of her many, many friends.

About ETS

A history of identifying the need and filling it.

In 1982, Hope Coryer and her husband, Bob, arrived in Plattsburgh. Bob was a contract employee with GE and they quickly observed that there were no local staffing firms for temporary and contract workers. Hope and Bob discussed this void in the industry and the opportunity to fill it; ETS was created.

Since starting out as a small home-based business, ETS has grown considerably to its current standing as one of the largest employers in the North Country. On average, ETS places 1200 job seekers in temporary, temp to hire and permanent jobs. Since its humble beginnings to the present, ETS has provided millions of cost effective and efficient staffing hours to local businesses looking for top talent.

Once again looking to fill a need, ETS has branched out into Healthcare staffing and growing its regional business, excited to have more opportunities to match employers with their ideal candidates.

The ETS difference

Employers: We get to know you… and your company. From the beginning, we have developed our services by meeting with each and every client face to face. Doing this allows us to understand your needs in a way that other staffing agencies just can’t. Finding the perfect candidate is about more than just looking at resumes; we find that person who will fit in to your company and your culture. Our staffing professionals know that the cornerstone of any successful business is the workforce behind it. It is our job to provide our customers with dependable, qualified workers in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Consistency. While the staffing industry is rife with turnover in their recruitment ranks, we are proud of our seasoned staff, boasting a combined total years of service well over 100 years! It is this knowledge of our marketplace that sets us apart from our peers, locally and beyond.

Candidates: Our pool of available jobs is unmatched. When you’ve been around as long as we have, you get to know the marketplace pretty well. In fact, the bottom line is we have worked with just about every major employer in the area. If there’s a position open, we know about it. We also support you as the employee, making sure you land in a position you’ll enjoy, at a company where you’ll feel comfortable. We’ll help you hone your interview sk