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“I’ve worked with ETS since 2004 and our business relationship has grown every year. After each holiday season we always hire a few of the excellent staff provided by ETS. We are proud to say that many of our best employees have come from ETS.”

- David Phelps from IFC

“ETS has been on our team since we opened our doors. Whether we need assistance with temporary or permanent staffing, we can count on ETS”

- Tracy Fasking from Nova Bus

“Everything with ETS is great… The service we receive from ETS is wonderful!!”

Kathie Cameron-Murray
Monaghan Medical | Human Resource Manager
Plattsburgh, NY

“I’m quite satisfied with the service I get from ETS, Inc. … ETS has a great team in place and is always able to accommodate our fluctuating needs for staffing. I cannot say enough about that office.”

- Nancy Dube
Champlain Plastics Inc. | Human Resource Coordinator
Rouses Point, NY

“ETS, Inc. meets my needs and then some … The system at ETS really works!!! I have nothing to complain about and I am very happy with the service I receive at ETS, Inc.“

- Cherly Carte
Intrapac | Human Resource Manager
Plattsburgh, NY

At ETS we understand that filling a position is much more than just matching a job description – it’s about finding the right person who will not only match the description, but will also match the team, the work environment and the company culture. From top-level senior management to administrative temporary staff, we have experience delivering the best possible talent to our clients with the highest success.

We also understand that there are many ways to fill those positions, which is why we offer several solutions.

Temporary Staffing: Help when you need it and only when you need it

If your business has extreme production deadlines, high-volume seasonal demands, or emergency or supplemental staffing needs, then temporary staffing can be the economical, time-saving solution you need.

Temporary staffing is a cost effective alternative to hiring and managing short-term employees. ETS has a large pool of skilled workers ready to step in when you need some extra help.  ETS pays all employer burdens, including taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and daily wages. As part of our staffing service, we also handle W-2 forms, prevailing wage reports, wage garnishments.  When requested, we also provide reference checks, background screening, drug testing, and safety training at cost.

Temporary–to-Hire Staffing: An extended Interview

Many of our clients are looking for permanent employees but want a “test drive” before making that final commitment. ETS is happy to help and we like to think of it as an “extended interview.” We provide the same services that we do for temporary help and after the employee has worked for 480 hours, your are free to take them on as a full time, permanent employee with no fee.

Permanent Placement – A look at the entire labor pool

When you want to pull out all of the stops in your search for the best candidate, turn to our Permanent Placement Staffing service.  Our Permanent Placement Team, lead by David Coryer, will employ every method possible to identify those individuals who best fit the position, your corporate culture, and your budget.  Web searches, Online Job Postings, and good old fashioned outbound phone calls to their extensive network will quickly and efficiently provide you with a pool of candidates to interview.  After a brief meeting with David and the team, you can rest assured that your quest for top-notch talent is close at hand.