Meet Ryan, the newest Industrial Recruiter to the ETS Plattsburgh office! Watch the video and then check out his full interview below!

What made you want to be a recruiter at ETS?
I met Joe and Jesse and had a really good rapport with them. I was impressed with the “vibe” of the office. It seemed like a very dynamic, exciting and forward thinking work environment.

Any claims to fame? Maybe you won an air guitar contest or won a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry’s in a raffle?
I performed at Carnegie Hall when my college group at Binghamton U. competed at the National Collegiate A Cappella finals. We were subsequently “defeated” (completely annihilated) by IU’s Straight No Chaser who are still performing/touring professionally today but it was still a huge thrill!

What’s the strangest question you’ve heard in an interview?
Coming from an F&B Management background any drug and alcohol related questions are always a good red flag

What’s your device of choice?
If you see me without my cellphone please alert my family that I’ve been kidnapped and replaced with a clone.

What’s one thing people would never know about you?
I was born in Manila, Philippines. Bahasa (Indonesian) is my first language and I’ve forgotten all of it.

What’s your favorite part of the North Country?
The access to the outdoors and the overall quality of life is a huge perk of living in the north country. I love snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing and taking my kids outdoors.

What was your first impression walking into ETS?
Everyone was welcoming and the office looked like a lot of fun. Also there are about 5 coffee machines in the lounge which seems reasonable.

What are you hoping to accomplish at ETS before the New Year?
Being a new recruiter, I’d like to be able to pull my own weight as a recruiter and have learned as much as I could in terms of systems and best practices to be as self sufficient as possible.

Want Ryan to be your recruiter? Call the office (518.562.4673) to make an appointment or just walk in anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm (186 US Oval, Plattsburgh).