learnabilityIt’s no secret that career security is directly tied to your employability and the relevance of your skills to the labor market. By continuing to grow, evolve, and adapt your skills to the demands of the workplace, you’ll quickly become an indispensable asset. Looking for the next skillset that will keep up with trends and launch your career throughout the next 10 years? Read on!

Studies show that one trait is emerging victorious when hiring talent, and that trait is learnability.

Powerhouse companies are realizing that the to keep their teams at peak performance they need to hire “Learning Animals”, employees that are predisposed to learn and grow on their own. So don’t be surprised if during your next interview you hear the question, “How are you keeping your ability to learn new things up, now that school is over?”

More and more companies are turning to this successful approach, realizing their top performers are self-directed learners with “hungry brains” – curious and inquisitive individuals who are genuinely interested in acquiring new knowledge. Recruiting talent with natural learnability that comes from a personal motivation to grow professionally.

Are you a “Learning Animal” with a “Hungry Brain”? Take our quick quiz below to find out your current learnability level.