Zen and the perfect date

You just had a fantastic evening.  Your date was nice to look at, fun to talk to, sweet and charming and just…perfect! At the end of the evening,  would you be shocked if the person asked you to marry them?  Would you say yes? Or would you say…”woah, woah…slow down friend!”  Maybe the analogy isn’t a perfect one but the point remains, when it comes to something as important as your job, maybe a dating period isn’t a bad thing. The biggest benefit of working with a Contract to Hire arrangement for both employer and employee is the ability to try out the position before committing.  You’ll get a chance to test out the company culture, work environment and job responsibilities before you commit.  C2H is also a way to get your foot in the door at the best companies.  If you go in with a great attitude and work ethic, you can really shine and become a valuable member of the team.  A large percentage of C2H positions at ETS move on to more permanent situations in the end.